Words from the wise!

  • Initially we were referred to Digital reaction by a business colleague for our company's website design. We couldn't be more happy with the product delivered and the overall level of service not only during the creation stage but post launch as well. Our contact and designer there, Dean Lorenz, made the whole process as simple and hassle free as possible. It was clear from our first meeting that they possessed the experience, skills and insight that we were looking for in a web design company. They took our base ideas for the way we pictured our site ending up and where necessary provided very constructive comments, suggestions and alterations to enhance the final product to a level we had hoped for but didn't think possible. From there Digital Reaction took care of the rest! Dean's relaxed professionalism makes him a pleasure to work with and throughout the whole project he was readily available at all times be it for a phone call or email. I would highly recommend Dean & Digital Reaction's work to anyone looking for high quality web design and professional service.

    Adam Djurovic
    Adam Djurovic Candle Impressions
  • “When I approached Dean from Digital Reaction about doing a new website for hosting my video work portfolio, he came back with multiple sleek options on layout and look. Not only has he presented my work on a professional platform, he went ahead and redesigned an eye-catching logo in the process. His experience really became evident when he set about optimising every aspect of the usability.”

    Rupert Brown
    Rupert Brown Director of photography
  • Wow! A big thank you to the team at Digital Reaction for helping us setup our e-commerce website. We now have working website where we can sell our products from. The design crew helped a lot and we are very happy with the result! Thanks!

    Donna Lorenz
    Donna Lorenz I LOVE A DOG
  • "When Digital Reaction created our wedding website we couldn't of been happier. The service, the advice and the creativity was just beautiful and I would recommend them to anyone, wedding or whatever. Thanks Dean for helping make this whole process amazing and easy!"

    Dean & Josephine
    Dean & Josephine The Newlyweds
  • Working with Digital Reaction has been a pleasant experience. They deliver a quality product on time, to budget and to my expectations. I would not hesitate working with them again.

    Kurt Schweighoffer
    Kurt Schweighoffer Luxotico

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